What sane person wishes for their three year olds bladder???? Me, that’s who.


My husband and I were going to a wedding and he asked me if I wanted water for the drive. Absolutely not I told him! Then I’ll have to stop and pee at least once before we get there! And that’s when the words came out of my mouth. “I wish I had N’s bladder.” What kind of sane person wishes for their three-year olds bladder??? I mean seriously??!! Me! I do! That girl can hold it like a steel trap! I think in all three and half years of her life she has had one MAYBE two accidents and that was because she was too busy playing to want to stop and go to the bathroom. Again, I wish for that control! Before we leave the house, I probably use the bathroom 2-3 times. I’m not exaggerating either. My husband always says “are you really peeing again??”. I don’t like going to the movie theater because inevitably I’ll have to get up, walk through, or on, tons of people to pee so I miss part of the movie. I DE-hydrate for long car rides because yes, I’ll have to stop and pee. I even have to pee right now as I type this because it’s on my mind!  The img_6216worst is always having to use public restroom because they are DISGUSTING to say the least. I will say luckily I keep potty seat covers on my at all times for these types of places! They are auto shipped to my house from Amazon every 2 months.  They also came in handy when we were starting to potty train N.

What gives??? I want to blame this on my beautiful, spunky daughter. That after I had her my bladder went ca-put! But that’s not the case. It’s been my entire life. In College when I went out with girlfriends to drink they never wanted to go to the bathroom with me because they’d be in there for forever….waiting ever so kindly (or not depending on how much they had to drink) for me to finish. And bet your bottom dollar they NEVER let me go first because then it was a whole-lotta-waiting. I had a friend one time who finally got so tired of waiting on me, she peed in the sink in a bathroom on a cruise ship. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life as she lined the sink with toilet paper and proceeded to hoist herself up there. Good thing I was already on the toilet or I would have peed myself from laughter. Being the girl who “pees all the time” I will say it has given me a ton of laughs, some embarrassing moments, and a major, MAJOR toilet paper expense. If you need a suggestion on the nicest, softest toilet paper out there…I’m your girl.


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