Wait For the Rainbow


As I was driving to work this morning, the sky was full of beautiful pinks and purples. The sun was just peaking over the trees and shining brightly over the fall colored trees. It was gorgeous. So gorgeous I almost ran off the road trying to take pictures! Then I get to work, walked in, and within minutes it seemed like everything changed. It became dark and ominous. The clouds rolled in as it began to mist a light rain. What the heck happened to this gorgeous Friday morning???

I feel like this is a perfect example of how life can be sometimes as a Christian. Everything is beautiful and perfect. You’re so thirsty for the Lord and the Bible and trying to read and learn as much as possible. Not a cloud in the sky and then BAM! 5Darkness hits, clouds roll in, and the devil try’s to steal that joy, that excitement, that thirst for the Lord. He sees you getting closer to God, witnessing to people, spreading the Good News and he wants to stifle that. Stifle you! He tries to make you feel like you aren’t good enough. That no one wants to listen to what you have to say. How can YOU help someone when you have so many issues going on yourself? And for a minute, I doubt myself. Can I really help people? Can I make a difference? I could sit here and wallow with a melancholy attitude and just stop trying.

Then, what seems like just as quickly as they rolled in, the clouds begin to disperse. The sun begins to shine amongst the rain, and a small rainbow appears in the distance. God’s forever promise. No matter what storm life brings you, no matter what the devil tries to tell you, the sun will always shine again. God promises to never leave us, never abandon us. And as hard as those storms may be, we need the rain to grow just as the earth does. We have to face difficult times, so we can become better, stronger, and more faithful to the one who never leaves us. So put on your rain boots, dance in the rain, and wait for the rainbow.


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