Benny to the rescue

Mom life.

So I’m having by mother, brother, his wife and their two kids over for dinner. The hubby works nights so it’s just me trying to get everything ready for them all while trying to entertain my two year old. “Mommy, mere. Mommy sit. Mommy whats that? Mommy what you doing?” Needless to say it’s a long and exhausting process just to fix dinner for the two of us much less five other people. But I’m SUPER MOM! Haha no I’m kidding. But I do make it work by prepping the night before. Cutting up veggies and marinating my chicken. (Work smarter not harder people). They came over and the kids had a great time playing with each other. My niece is almost 6 so my daughter follows her around everywhere and is basically her shadow. My nephew just watches and tries to catch up. By the time he makes it in a room they’ve already grabbed a toy and brought it back out to the living room. Poor little guy. So we all sit down for dinner, kids are barely eating because they want to play with each other. My daughter, who is a little piglet, wasn’t eating anything which is very unlike her. We were having everything she liked plus I cut her up some strawberries and avocado, her favorite. Nothing. So the kids are excused to go watch some show and we can finish our meal in peace.

We’re continuing our meal and I say how strange it was that N didn’t eat anything. “Oh they’re just having too much fun playing,” my mother tells me, “nothing to worry about”. Dinner wraps up and I get the kitchen cleaned up. We visit for awhile longer until it’s time for everyone to head home and get the kids in bed. Again as my mother was leaving I said something about N not eating and she assured me again it was probably nothing. They leave and I start getting N’s stuff for daycare out the next day. I picked her up with her blanket and rabbit, we locked eyes, and I saw it before it happened. She opened her mouth and preceded to vomit profusely all over the both of us, and all over the floor (thank goodness for hardwood). As any mom would, I fight back my own throw up, rush to the bath tub and start stripping us both down to get cleaned up, completely ignoring the disgusting mess in the living room. We sat in the bath together, which she thought was the coolest thing that Mommy “take bath too”. We get out, cleaned up and dried off. We’re in her room getting dressed and taking her temp which is completely normal. She actually seems quite fine at this point. Then I head back to the living room to deal with the disaster that I left. I walk in only to find that my Shitzu Benny had obviously “cleaned” it up for me. I didn’t know whether to be disgusted or thankful. Is it horrible if I say I was both?? The thought still makes me want to gag to be honest. But, after an 8 hour work day, cooking and cleaning for 5 other people all by myself, it was one thing I didn’t have to do. So yes, for that I was slightly thankful.

Mom life.

The two culprits

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