Take the time.


Another Monday rolls in with the blink of an eye. Why is it that when you’re little time just creeps on by like a snail getting nowhere? Yet, as adults, it seems like we can’t catch up. There is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I can’t even believe November is here which just means Christmas will be right around the corner!2 I’ll never forget being young and thinking Christmas took FOR-EV-ER!!!  I would love to go back to that time. When you felt like you had everything you needed and time stood still. No worries or cares of what I have to do today. I still have all week to worry about that, heck even all month! Yet as an adult I’m sitting thinking, oh crap, I’ve got to get my house cleaned this week so we can get our Christmas decorations out this Saturday first thing in the morning, because we have family coming over that evening. We have church and a birthday party on Sunday. Then we’ll be in Branson the following week!  Then just stressing about today!  I’ve got a full day of work, I have to go vote on my lunch break, then pick up N from daycare tonight, take her to gymnastics and stop by the grocery store on the way home so we have something to eat this week. I will say thank goodness for Kroger pickup! Whoever came up with that idea deserves a big fat kiss, and a billion dollars. We’re just so busy as adults and don’t take the time to appreciate the TIME we actually have. Our lives can be gone in a second.  I’ve seen it happen. And if tomorrow was your last day, would you really be so stressed about everything you have to do today? No. You’d be cherishing every little moment, every smell, every smile your little one gives you. I challenge each of you to appreciate the time we DO have. Stop stressing about your to-do list. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Make a random stop to the park with your kids on the way home, pick up chick-fil-a, so you don’t have to cook.  Stay up late and watch a movie with them.  We should appreciate and cherish the now, while we still can.   So please, stop and take the time.


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