How meticulous are you about your relationship with Christ?


Today, my little toot and I are putting up the Christmas tree.  Some people may think it’s a img_6360bit early but watching the excitement on her face was worth every second.  My husband put it together for us then headed outside to do some much-needed yard work.  So I sat, for what seemed like forever fluffing the entire thing.  I was very meticulous with each little branch making sure they were all equally pulled away from the center.  Checking and re-checking to make sure there were no holes and that I got each and every one.  My hands are completely scratched up but I didn’t care because I wanted it to be perfect for my daughter.

Then I thought, how meticulous am I with my relationship with Christ?  What if I spent as much time, energy, and focus on perfecting my relationship with him like I’m doing with this Christmas tree?   As my relationship with him grows, there are still areas in my life that I need to work on in order to be more Christ like.  The Bible says to be slow to anger and quick to listen.  This one is very, VERY difficult for me.  On my way to work there’s probably at least one person that pulls out in front of me, didn’t use their blinker, or is driving so darn slow that I just want to slam on my horn and yell every curse word known to man.  Why??  Because I’m human?  Partly.  But, I also think it’s because I am not being as meticulous as I should be in my walk with Christ.  In everything I do I need to act just like Jesus did.  I need to be slow to anger and quick to listen.  Is this going to be an easy task?  No it isn’t.  Which is why I need to pray about it, practice it, and again, be meticulous in my actions to be more like him in everything I do.  Are you being as meticulous as you should be in your walk with Christ?



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