A Week at a Time

Yesterday, I hit the 9 week mark.  Each day, and especially week, that goes by I get more and more excited.  When you’ve had three miscarriages, each one tends to reply in your mind on a daily basis and it’s hard to stop and be joyful and excited about a pregnancy that may not last.   I had my 8 week appt last Thursday and needless to say, I was scared.  Scared to hear those dreaded words I’ve heard before.   But, thankfully it went well.  God is so good y’all.  So so very good.  The baby measured a few days bigger than we expected.  My doctor said the heartbeat should be between 160-180 and it was 179.  It couldn’t have been a better appt.  I am so thankful for you all and all your prayers.  I am thankful for my friends and family who have prayed for me and with me every single day.  But, I am most thankful for the love and peace that God has given me.  Even though I’ve been scared and worried about getting through the first trimester, God has been with me.  He has spoken to me through other people who have randomly texted me throughout the day saying they had the urge to reach out to me and pray for me.  He has spoken to me through the devotionals that I’ve been doing every day.  He has been with me, every, single, step.  I think this time has been a little easier because I’m praying for his will to be done.  No matter what happens, as long as it’s his will, I’m okay with it.  He tells us to pray for that specifically, and since I have, things have been different.   With each week that comes and goes, I have continued to have faith and trust in God and his will for my life. img_6776

I challenge each of you, to pray for HIS will and not your own.  To just be still and know that he is God.  To open your bible and read it daily, do a devotional, get into the word somehow.   If you do, I promise your life will be different.  He will open up yours eyes to so much.  His love, his grace, his mercy.   He loves us more than we could possibly fathom.  He wants us to come to him, bring our worries, our fears, and lay them at his feet.  There is no peace like the peace that God can give you.  So dear friends, in your time of struggle, sorrow, fear.  Don’t be afraid.  Stand still and watch the Lord rescue you.img_5920

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  1. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Excellent thoughts, Casey…it took me years to learn what you have learned in a relatively short period of time. I love what you wrote and how it touched your heart.
    I have to laugh at myself, something I do a bit too often, as when I pray for God’s Will to be done in my life, I tend …no….I want my will to be done actually because I am afraid His will is too rigid for me and I won’t like it. YES, I AM AFRAID!!! I pray that He has a sense of humor and that he laughs at me when I act like that. So, I just have to “AGAIN” let go, if I want to grow up in God’s world, I have to let go.
    Yes, God does speak through others…

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    1. Yes! Let go and let go!!! He will not take you down a road you can’t make it through. And if it’s difficult, know that it’ll be a learning experience and you will grow from it.

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