When it Rains, look for Rainbows. When it’s dark, look for Stars.


When we become a Christ follower, we begin learning how to walk with God in the Spirit.  When we take the time to grow in our relationship with him and be obedient he will lead us in the right direction.  Sometimes we may ask why he is taking us on a certain path?  Why is this road so difficult?  But, it’s the hard paths that teach us something.  It’s the hard path’s that we learn from.  I have been down some dark and twisty roads in my day, especially in my young years. I was very rebellious.  Lying to my parents about who’s house I was staying at, smoking pot and doing a whole slew of other things to push my imagination to it’s depth.  I was lost.  I was reaching out for attention due to my parents divorce.  I could tell you some stories that would make you cringe. They make me cringe just thinking about them. And sometimes I wish I hadn’t had to go through what I went through.  But I can tell you I’m stronger because it.  I learned from it.  I will be able to help my girls if they ever go down a similar path, God forbid.  God promises us an eternity of joy and love AFTER this earth, not during.  But, if we are obedient to him, listen to the Holy Spirit, and make a conscious effort to do so, while we are here, then we have hope to be in God’s presence one day.   He knows that we are human.  He knows that we fail and make mistakes.  We aren’t perfect and never will be.  We won’t have a life full of complete joy and bliss just because we’re Christians.  We will have days of sadness, heartbreak and questioning.  But have faith in the Lord.  Have faith in his plan.  Have faith in his timing.   So friends when there is rain in your life, look for the rainbow, and when it’s dark, look for the stars.  Both are reminder of our wonderful creator. God Bless!

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  1. Tina says:

    Great reminders, Casey.

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