Three in the morning.

Three in the morning. I’ve barely fallen back asleep when I hear you start to stir on the baby monitor. Moving around at first. Then flopping onto your belly, then crying. I get up, for the 3rd time since I’ve put you down. I’m tired, delirious, and just feel down right exhausted. I walk across the house, only half awake, as I enter your room. I lean over the crib, you look right up at me and smile. A smile so big it immediately warms my heart. Your big blue eyes look deep into mine and we both feel it. Love. Comfort. Joy. We sit in our chair as I begin feeding you and rocking you back to sleep. Your tiny hand rest upon my breast as your little suckling noises fill the silent room. Your eyes begin to close as your precious body snuggles up to mine. And in that moment, I forget how tired I am. How soon my alarm is going to go off. How much work I have to do tmr. In that moment, time stands still. I stare at you drifting off to sleep and think of have much I will miss this one day. How fast it will all be over. How one day, I’ll look back and wish you were waking me up in the wee hours of the morning. Wanting to be held, rocked, fed. Wanting my love and attention. One day, far too soon, it will all be over. So despite my exhaustion, or how little sleep I’m getting these days. I not only cherish your three in the morning wake up calls, I welcome each and every one. Sleep tight my precious Angel, Mommy is right here.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, my darling granddaughter, I feel the love you have for your child thru your beautiful words.
    I love you both so much!


  2. Tina says:

    Beautiful post, Casey. God bless you and your sweet family. ❤


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