Not today Satan!

Well, it has been awhile since I’ve written. When you’re a full time working mother at a doctors office during a pandemic with a new Kindergartener and an one year old who refuses sleep you really don’t have much time for anything else. But, I know when I started this blog two years ago it was because God told me to. He told me to share my story. To reach out to others. To be a light in someone else’s darkness. I started this journey because I wanted to share how God carried me through my miscarriages. How he helped me get up every single day with hope and faith. Then I felt some strange guilt when I was pregnant and wanted to write about how hard pregnancy was on me. But, I shouldn’t feel guilty. Those feelings are from the devil. He wants us to feel shame and guilt so that we stop being the light for someone and stop sharing how awesome our God is. And sadly, for awhile, he won. I stopped writing. I stopped sharing. I stopped shouting from the roof tops how incredibly grateful I am to our Father for everything he’s done in my life! I know you’ve seen the shirts, “Not today Satan!” Well that’s me today. NOT TODAY SATAN! Not anymore! You have stifled me long enough. We’ve got to make more of an effort to have that relationship with Christ especially in these dark times because Satan is everywhere. I see it everyday, in the news, on social media, in people. It’s sad and heartbreaking and I don’t want any part of it! So I want to share the good. I want to share how awesome he is. I want to stop letting 2020 be the year all hell broke loose. I want to look back and think “2020 was the year I got by groove back”.

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